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Sept 8,2016

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​​​Connie's Photo Park in Madrid New Mexico

 As a kid growing up in Key West Fla. I always loved the stand-ins around the island and thought how fun it would be to paint characters and have a park full of art! So....I believe that things happen when they are supposed to.  In 2011 I decided to finally make that a reality.  I let friends know about what I wanted to do and soon people were dropping off recycled boards, posts, paint and plywood. Even old theatre flats.  Locals and business owners here in Madrid were SO supportive and it's due to all their donations that got the Photo Park off the ground. Also my wonderful husband for standing by me and digging all the holes! and building my little western back drop town for the Western Portraits. The Photo Park is open everyday all day.

Now we have visitors stopping in from all over the world as well as locals. I say it's Old-Fashioned fun for all ages. People loosen up and start laughing.  That's what it's all about....the laughter...and creating memories they will cherish.

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Jan 21,2017

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Santa Fe Reporter

November 15, 2013

Connie's Photo Park  One of the top ten things to do on the Turquoise Trail.

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December 2013 edition

 Connie's Photo Park